About Us

The Learning Centre Pre-University College (TLCPUC) is part of the CFAL group and a premier institution in Mangalore. The institution has been striving to bring in the core values of teaching, learning and disseminating knowledge in the field of Higher Education.

TLC PUC is recognized by the Department of Pre-University Education and approved by the Government of Karnataka. It follows the curriculum prescribed by the Department of Pre-university education.

However, we do not restrict ourselves to the syllabus prescribed by the Pre-University Board, and go beyond the text books to express our concern, obligation and commitment to every student who joins our family. The teaching & learning process at TLCPUC enables every student to become dynamic personalities.

We believe in inculcating the practice of routine learning as a part of everyday life, develop positive attitude and cultivate the culture of doing things that are justifiable.Our students imbibe ethical, moral and a simplified way of thinking to achieve big and pave way for the perfect blend of learning new vistas in theory and practical, so that every gambit of information in terms of knowledge is envisaged.

We believe in every individual being disciplined and committed along with their potentials to reach their zenith.



TLC PUC is rooted in commitment for Quality Education in Mangalore.

Being one of the premier Institutions in the city, it has the history of preparing students for top STEAM examinations.

The top institutions in the Country and world have the best minds from CFAL/TLC

Consistent, dedicated, highly qualified, experienced and passionate teachers who use innovative teaching methodology.

We provide a serene atmosphere for effective learning and understanding.

We enable How to think rather than what to think?

The Institution focuses on the role of parents as vital participants for the academic performance of their ward.

Need based Mentoring for students to improve their behavioural and academic performance.

Hands on, practical training, so that students clearly register the concepts

Monitoring students on a continuous basis and updating parents at periodic intervals on academic and non-academic areas.

TLC Application

TLC Mangalore  welcomes enquiries for enrolment.