Activity Clubs

Astronomy Club

The curiosity of students regarding the universe is taken care by our Astronomy club. The main aim of the club is to promote astronomy and popularise it in the institute. Frequent lectures and talks by faculty and other distinguished speakers are organised by the members of the community.

  • To develop scientific temper among students.
  • To ensure and encourage to become Amateur Astronomers.
  • Study the vastness of the universe
  • Understand the features of different numbers of the solar system.
  • Understand the basic concepts of science used in astronomy.
  • Arouse the interest in observing astronomical events and phenomenon around us.
  • Understand the phenomenon of eclipses.
  • Develop the skills to use telescope.
  • Identify various celestial bodies like stars, constellations and planets in the real night sky.
Astronomy club in mangalore

Eco Club

The club provides a plethora of activities to sensitize children to safeguard the environment and enable us to move towards a greener tomorrow

  • To motivate students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation drives
  • To maintain cleanliness in and around the campus.
  • To educate students to create awareness amongst public
eco club in mangalore


A dedicated space for students, where opportunities abound to explore new technologies and fresh methodologies, to become ideators , tinkerers, makers and innovators of current times.
  • Students are engaged intellectually, emotionally, socially, soulfully and physically
  • Students get to experience success, failure, adventure, risk-taking and uncertainty to evolve as a self-directed learner to take charge of their learning
  • Students actively engage in projects by being curious, experimenting, creative and constructive
maker space in mangalore