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Women in Science: Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin is a trailblazer in the field of science and a pioneer for women in science.
By Amith Colaco, February 16, 2023

The Logistic Map

The Logistic Map is a simple mathematical equation that has been used to shed light on the complexities of chaotic systems.
By Anvitha Bhat, February 16, 2023

The Geometry of Microbes in Motion

Microbes, such as bacteria and algae, are among the smallest living organisms on Earth.
By Smrithi K Shenoy, February 16, 2023

Peeking into Black Holes

Black holes are among the most mysterious and fascinating objects in the universe.
By K Prakhyath Kamath, February 16, 2023

Introduction to the Human Genome

The human genome is the complete set of genetic information that makes up a human being.
By Aashuthosh Sharma, February 16, 2023

Happy Accidents in Science

Science is often seen as a highly structured and methodical discipline, with researchers carefully planning.
By Shravya Ramesh Poojary, February 16, 2023

Environmental Chemistry: The Next Best Subject to Study

Environmental chemistry is a field of study that focuses on the chemical processes and interactions.
By Abhijna R, February 16, 2023

Choosing Pure Sciences over Engineering & Medicine

Making a decision about which academic path to follow can be a challenging task.
By Neha Kamath, February 16, 2023

A trip to Bisle, Western Ghats

Escape into the wilderness, where idling away hours amongst books can no longer overwhelm and fatigue.
By Avani Muniyangala, February 16, 2023

A Fete for the Makers in Mangalore

MakersFete is an event hosted by CFAL (Centre for Learning) in Mangalore, India that celebrates the spirit of creativity.
By Anubhav Savur, February 16, 2023