TLC India


  • Author: Amith Colaco
    Women in Science: Rosalind Franklin
    Rosalind Franklin is a trailblazer in the field of science and a pioneer for women in science.
  • Author: Anvitha Bhat
    The Logistic Map
    The Logistic Map is a simple mathematical equation that has been used to shed light on the complexities of chaotic systems.
  • Author: Smrithi K Shenoy
    The Geometry of Microbes in Motion
    Microbes, such as bacteria and algae, are among the smallest living organisms on Earth.
  • Author: K Prakhyath Kamath
    Peeking into Black Holes
    Black holes are among the most mysterious and fascinating objects in the universe.
  • Author: Aashuthosh Sharma
    Introduction to the Human Genome
    The human genome is the complete set of genetic information that makes up a human being.
  • Author: Shravya Ramesh Poojary
    Happy Accidents in Science
    Science is often seen as a highly structured and methodical discipline, with researchers carefully planning
  • Author: Abhijna R
    Environmental Chemistry: The Next Best Subject to Study
    Environmental chemistry is a field of study that focuses on the chemical processes and interactions
  • Author: Neha Kamath
    Choosing Pure Sciences over Engineering & Medicine
    Making a decision about which academic path to follow can be a challenging task
  • Author: Avani Muniyangala
    A trip to Bisle, Western Ghats
    Escape into the wilderness, where idling away hours amongst books can no longer overwhelm and fatigue.
  • Author: Anubhav Savur
    A Fete for the Makers in Mangalore
    MakersFete is an event hosted by CFAL (Centre for Learning) in Mangalore, India that celebrates the spirit of creativity
  • Author: Aaryan Ajith Dev
    The Nine Point Circle
    We come across properties of triangles which sometimes include some special circles associated with a triangle, like the ‘circumcircle’.