CFAL’s Shreyas Adiga qualifies for the final round of XV Russian Sharygin Geometry Olympiad

It is a proud moment for CFAL as their student Shreyas Adiga of Class X qualified in the correspondence round of XV Russian Sharygin Geometry Olympiad. He now advances to the final round to be held from July 29 to August 1, 2019 at Dubna, Moscow. A total of 39 students from 10 countries qualified for the Final Round and only 12 students from India made it to the list.


Shreyas Adiga

About Russian Sharygin Geometry Olympiad

Geometry Olympiad was started in 2005 and the problems are published in English since 2007. The competition is international and is intended for high-school students of 8-11 grades (these are four elder grades in Russian Schools). It is held annually in two rounds: a qualification round per correspondence and a final round. The competition is open to foreign high school students and the qualification round takes place from January to March each year 

The Master of success stories

Students at CFAL have consistently attained best results in the region in different scholarship and entrance exams. It may be recalled that their student Prathyush P Poduval had won a silver medal in International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2018. Another student, Adithya Prakash represented India at the 2017 International Mathematics Olympiad. At CFAL Mangalore the focus is on learning and not on marks. They strive to develop passion and excellence in STEM subjects. 

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