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Submitting Assignments in Schoology

Learn how to submit assignments in Schoology. Learn how to upload files, write an original post, attach files from cloud services.

Schoology – Taking Tests

Learn how to take tests in Schoology.

Schoology: Student Basics

This video shows you the basics of how to use Schoology as a student.

How to use Zoom as a Student?

This video goes over the main Zoom meeting controls as a participant, and addresses some of the common questions that come up.

Zoom View Controls: Speaker, Gallery, Side by Side, and Full Screen Views

How to use Zoom as a Student video that specifically goes over the Zoom view controls.

How to Teach an Online Class Using Zoom?

This video shows how to teach an online class using Zoom. It goes over many of the basic meeting controls you’ll use as a meeting host, like the waiting room, chat, managing participants, nonverbal feedback, and screen sharing.

Zoom for iPad tutorial

This video shows basic meeting controls in Zoom as a participant using an iPad. Useful for students without a laptop who are calling into online classes on a tablet.

How to use Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom?

Zoom allows you to use your own Virtual Background during Conference calls! No Green Screen needed. Simply follow the steps in this video and in no time you will be presenting your lesson from on the beach, in a forest or outer space!

How to Access Video and Audio Settings

In this tutorial that will help you learn how to access video/audio settings; to activate your webcam and audio device.


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