ALL selections from the district in National Talent Search Examination (NTSE State Level) 2016-17 are students of CFAL!

TEN students studying at Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL) Mangalore qualify for the final stage of the prestigious NTS examination.

Selections from Dakshina Kannada – 8 (All from CFAL)

Selections from Udupi district – 7 (two from CFAL)


Selected students (In Pic): Shreyas Vasudev Pai and Janet K Joy (State Rank 10), Ankush Moger (State Rank 12), Samarth M Bhat (State Rank 15) , Subrahmanya Hande (State Rank 16) , Rajath Rao  (State Rank 19) , Anushka Irodi (State Rank 21), Sushmitha S Nayak and Suraj Samaga (State Rank 22), Praseedha Praveen (State Rank 23).

Success in the NTSE examination is a great achievement. All NTSE selected candidates from Dakshina Kannada are students of CFAL. The two students selected from Udupi are CFAL students who come all the way from Udupi to Mangalore for training. These selected students have carved a name for themselves and for our region  by qualifying in the statewide NTSE examination. They will now appear for the final stage of NTSE that will be held on 14th May, 2017. 

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is conducted by National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT), Government of India. The purpose of the exam is to identify outstanding students of 10th standard and help them get the best possible education in India. For this, NTSE scholars receive generous financial assistance from the government. Every year 1000 students from all over the country get selected as National Talent Scholars and receive the scholarship.

NTSE examinations test analytical and logical skills. A good understanding of the subject is needed and rote learning or memorization will not yield results.  In earlier years, there were very few selections from Mangalore in NTSE. Since CFAL began instilling an interest in math and science in Mangalore, this number has consistently increased and currently, CFAL is breaking all records in the region with record performance by its students. 

CFAL aims to promote a passion for Math and Science learning among students and has the best results in Mangalore in all STEM related examinations including JEE, NTSE, KYPY, Olympiads etc. The outstanding results of our students proves that given the right learning environment, children from the region can outperform their peers from the Tier 1 cities. While rote-learning and learning for the sake of marks characterizes many institutions in the region, passion for the subject is what CFAL aims to attain. The outcome is deep understanding of the subject and excellence in math and science. The vision at CFAL is to inculcate interest in basic sciences and to encourage research and innovation in the field of Math and Science. 

More Information: Success in the NTSE examination is a great achievement. In Karnataka, 81,489 students took the examination which was held on 6th November 2016 and only 224 students (0.274%) including all categories have been selected among them. A total of 5,255 students had appeared from Dakshina Kannada and 8 students among them are selected (0.15%).  This shows that the selection rate of our district is less than the average for the state. Department of State Education, research & training (DSERT) conducts the first stage of NTSE.  

Exam: National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)   

Eligibility: Students studying in 10th standard


Training Centre: Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL)    Location: Bejai-Kapikad Road, Mangalore

Website:        Phone: 9845737120, 9740939374 or 9901115108

Present at the press meet:

Ms. Severine Rosario, Program Coordinator, Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL)

Mr. Vijay Moras, Program Coordinator, Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL)

Ms. Sonia Moras, Program Coordinator, Early Learning Centre (ELC)

For more information, / 9845737120 /  9740939374