High School Student Guideline

Vision & Mission Statement

At CFAL, it is our prime responsibility to provide a safe learning environment to our students, teachers and other staff members. Our friendly, accessible atmosphere offers students a chance to optimize in their academics and develop socially. In order to achieve this, we have put in place a number of policies and guidelines which are updated from time to time to guide the function.


To initiate students to find strength, develop their personality and meet economic, social and environmental challenges. We continue to advance as a dynamic centre for life-long learning.


Foster a learning community and envisage that 80% of our students reach the top 10 colleges in the world or country and 20% reach the top 10 colleges in the state.

Daily Practice Policy:

Daily Practice problems would be given for each chapters
Students who submit the daily practice problem will be given 20 Marks for the said chapter

Test-Exam Policy:

All exams would be subjective and cumulative
Students who miss the test will be marked zero for the exams
Students need to get a letter from their parents explaining the reason for not attending the exams

Mobile Phone Usage Policy:

Students shall not use mobile phones during class hours
Should a student be found using a mobile phone during class hours, it shall be confiscated by the Coordinator for a period of time, to be determined by him/her
The college shall not be liable for loss of mobile phones

* In the event of a student failing to comply with the above Mobile Phone Usage Policy, severe consequences, depending on the circumstances shall apply

Note Taking Policy:

Each student shall maintain a separate note book for each subject. Scribbling on rough book, a piece of paper is not appreciated. Students are advised to follow the Cornell note taking method

Bullying and Harassment:

Harassment, Bullying of other students, teachers or harassment of students by teachers isn’t allowed at CFAL
Students are encouraged to report these issues immediately to the Coordinator
This could be physical of verbal harassment
Incidents report and verified would be reported to their parents and concerned Authorities

No Tuitions Policy:

Students are strictly barred from taking tuitions from outside
Students shall not contact any Professor of CFAL for personal tuitions
Students are advised not to refer any guide/notes from outside other than the prescribed text books/reference books mentioned by the teachers

Medical Disclosure Policy

Students/parents need to inform the College, if the student is suffering from any injury/illness/ medical/psychological condition or if under medication to help us with an emergency

Attendance Policy:

Planned Leave:

- Inform the coordinator before taking leave
- Student will have to give a leave note
- Planned Leave is allowed for attending any National Level Competitions

Sick Leave:

- Need a sick note from the parents (Email or Physical letter)


All students/parents can login to Schoology for the following updates:

- Attendance
- Holiday List
- Events
- Material

Modes of Communication:

Email: All students shall send in their queries/questions to: office-highschool@cfalindia.com and cc to teachers@cfalindia.com
Phone Number:Students and Parents can call the Hisgschool office at 7022110804 or 7022116204 (between 10.00 AM – 6:30 PM)
Whatsapp:Students and Parents can also send a Whatsapp Message to 7022110804/ 7022116204 during office hours
Direct Communication: Alternatively, students may visit the office between 9.30AM and 6:30 PM, Monday to Saturday, to pose any urgent queries or concerns
Parents can contact the office (Phone Number: 9900520233, 0824 4279374) to set up an appointment with the coordinator if and when necessary. In case of an emergency, they can visit the office between 10:00 AM and 6:30 PM, Monday to Saturday.