1-6 Foundation

The course utilizes three teaching strategies:

Foundation courses for Primary & Middle School is primarily structured to provide a strong foundation base to students and make them ready to take up competitive entrance & Board exams. This course module gives students the required confidence and ability to identify their core strengths and help them focus on pursuing their goals.

The key feature of the Activity Based Learning (ABL) method is that it uses child-friendly educational aids to foster self-learning and allows a child to study according to his or her aptitude and skill.

The course utilizes three teaching strategies:

The active learning strategy

Students use ICT (information and communication technology) for projects or class work.
Need students to work on mathematic projects that take more than a single class period to complete
Allows students evaluate their own progress
Students work in small groups to come up with a joint solution to a problem or task.

The cognitive activation strategy

Expect students to explain their thinking on complex problems.
Encourage students to solve problems in more than one way.
Require students to provide written explanations of how they solve problems.
Encourages students to work together to solve problems.
Encourages students to work together to solve problems.
Explicitly state learning goals.
Observe students when working on particular tasks and provide immediate feedback.
Present a summary of recently learned content.
Refer to a problem from everyday life or work to demonstrate why new knowledge is useful.

Singapore Math

Singapore Math focuses on children not just learning but also truly mastering a limited number of concepts each school year. The goal is for children to perform well because they understand the material on a deeper level; they are not just learning it for the test.
Mindset training This training tries to get students develop these four Mindsets:
That they belong to this academic community
My ability and confidence grow with my efforts (believe in practice)
This work has value to me (these classes/curriculumsadd value to my future)
I can succeed (I believe in myself)

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