NTSE Coaching in mangalore

At CFAL we nurture students for the ultimate level of questions as our learning is based on a pedagogical philosophy of conceptual clarity leading to structured thinking, further leading to logical problem solving. We provide high quality education to students so that they excel in their NTSE exams.

Course Features:

The unique features of the course are listed below:

Impart Conceptual Clarity:

The major factor that influences the scores of a student is the amount of conceptual clarity that a student has. The program is designed to impart the much-needed conceptual clarity.

A well-researched Program:

The course is a result of an in-depth study of previous NTSE papers. We structure the sessions in such a manner that the students understand and imbibe what they are learning and not end up learning the concepts by rote.

Extensive Practice Sessions:

The course is designed to provide extensive practice to the students by making them solve numerous multiple-choice questions on the pattern of NTSE.

Informative and Exhaustive Course Material:

The course material is developed by experts who have a vast experience in the field of training students for various competitive examinations.

Regular Tests/ Mock Tests:

A series of tests and mocks are conducted to ensure that the students overcome the examination phobia.


The program covers the following subjects/areas for NTSE:

  • Reasoning
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (Physics; Chemistry; Biology)
  • Social Sciences (History; Geography; Civics; Economics)
  • English

Did you know?

76 of our students are National Talent Scholars and are receiving scholarships in the prestigious NTSE. Our students have secured state rank 1 and 3 in 2013 and state rank 2 in 2014 at the state level NTSE. All selections in NTSE in our district in 2016-17 were CFAL Students.

TLC Application

TLC Mangalore  welcomes enquiries for enrolment.