TLC India

A trip to Bisle, Western Ghats

Escape into the wilderness, where idling away hours amongst books can no longer overwhelm and fatigue. This is exactly what a recent educational trip to Bisle, Western Ghats, provided us with – an opportunity to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.
As we set out before the morning dawn, a mixture of anxiety and excitement consumed us. After a 4 hour journey, we finally arrived at the campsite, a serene landscape waiting to welcome us. The next two days passed by in the blink of an eye, thanks to the wonderful itinerary we followed. From trekking the nearby peaks, to recording the melodies of birds and frogs, to silently observing these creatures during the day and night – it was an experience unlike any other. With sightings of the black Drongo, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Verner Hanging Parrot, Red Whiskered Bulbul, Malabar Whistling Thrush, and Wagtail, just to name a few, we were able to spot an array of avian species. And not to mention, the 16 species of frogs we discovered during the night watch.
Our indoor sessions on birds, amphibians, acoustics in bio-diversity, camping and trekking gear helped us prepare for the outdoor activities, both physically and mentally. With Mr. Rohit, a wildlife enthusiast, accompanying us throughout the trip and Dr. Vineeth introducing us to the world of wildlife photography, we were able to make the most of our experience. On the last day of our trip, we visited Ashok Vana, a privately-owned sector of the Western Ghats dedicated to research, and the Bisle View Point, where breathtaking landscapes left a lasting impression.
From sleeping in muddy boots and raincoats to fighting off blood-sucking leeches, the memories we created together are priceless. Balancing on unstable, slippery rocks near the waterfall, competing with paper frogs, sharing meals, and laughing together on the bus ride back, these are the moments we will always cherish.
Here are some of the many pictures we captured during our trip.