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Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL) student Prathyush P Poduval will represent India at the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics(IOAA 2018)

Prathyush P Poduval, student of Centre for Advanced Learning(CFAL), Mangalore has been selected for the team of five Indian students to represent India in the International Olympiad On Astronomy And Astrophysics (IOAA) 2018. Prathyush is the only student from south India out of five students selected in the Indian team. IOAA will be held in Beijing,China in November 2018. The team will travel to Beijing to compete with more than 200 students from nearly 45 countries.
Prathysh P Poduval is the son of Smt. Sunitha P Poduval and Shri Prasanth P Poduval. He is a motivated student who looks for challenges beyond the school curriculum. He is a self-directed learner and is very passionate about astronomy, physics and mathematics. His teachers at CFAL have mentored him over the years in solving physics and mathematical puzzles and in developing deep love for the subjects.
Prathyush, who studied Advanced Sciences and Mathematics at CFAL has already got admission in IISc. (Indian Institute Of Science,Bangalore), his dream institute; the premier institute for pure sciences in the country. Prathyush is the Karnataka state topper in KVPY 2017-18 (AIR-07). In NSEP(Ist stage in International Physics Olympiad) Prathyush secured Karnataka state rank-1. We all, the teachers, students, staff and management at CFAL hope that Prathyush wins a medal for the country.

Prathyush will be shortly attending Ross Math Camp, which will be held in Ohio state university, USA in June- July, 2018. It is a completely sponsored program in which he is one among the very few students selected from all over the world.


In 2017, CFAL student Aditya Prakash was one among the six students who represented India in the International Math Olympiad held in Brazil.  This was a great achievement of a student from Mangalore. National level exams like Olympiads,KVPY and JEE Advanced help motivate students to strive for better and deeper understanding of scientific facts and data. It helps them to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills. Above all, participating in Olympiad exams and representing one’s state or country at national and international level is a matter of great joy.

 School (Science& Math) versus Olympiad (Science & Math)
The Science & Mathematical Olympiad exams require ingenious thinking and a good mastery over the fundamentals of science & mathematics. Essentially, these exams are full of deep puzzles which require persistent and creative approaches. The competition is fierce and the questions are some of the toughest in the world.

In contrast, school syllabus focuses on rote learning and standardized computation. While this approach allows securing marks in board exams, it discourages original thinking and denies the thrill of problem solving. As a result, gifted students have to look for challenges outside the school curriculum.

CFAL promotes original thinking among  students. In the recently declared JEE-Main 2018 results, all the four toppers of D.K. district are CFAL students.  In fact, JEE-Main 2017 & 16 toppers from the district were also CFAL students.  Many students in Mangalore are unaware that self-directed learning and learning outside the school curriculum can lead to strong fundamentals, deep love for the subject and high performance in competitive examinations.
The Science and Math Olympiad exams identify gifted students who are generally nurtured into future researchers. Many Olympiad toppers from a decade ago are making great strides in mathematics, sciences and computer science today. They do this with consistent and generous help from the government of India.
IOAA(International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics)
The National Astronomy Olympiad Program is designed to encourage students with good foundations in Physics and Mathematics and an interest in Astronomy to pursue further studies in this field. It involves a five stage process leading to participation of Indian team in International Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA).


Homi Bhabha Centre for Science education is the nodal centre of the country for Olympiad programs. The Olympiads Examinations are conducted in subjects, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, junior science and astronomy. The broad goals are to promote equity and excellence in science and mathematics education from primary school to undergraduate college level, and encourage the growth of scientific literacy in the country.


The National Olympiad starts with an examination held at nearly 1400 schools across the country and culminates with the international Olympiads at different corners of the world. The national level examinations are designed to assess the conceptual understanding, logical reasoning, laboratory skills, and above all, ability to apply problem-solving skills to novel situations, both theoretical and experimental.
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Present at the press meet:
Mrs. Severine Rosario, Program Coordinator, CFAL Mangalore
Mr. Vijay Moras, Program Coordinator, CFAL Mangalore
Mr. Prathyush P Poduval, Selected student for IOAA
Mrs. Sunitha P Poduval and Mr. Prasanth P Poduval, Parents of Prathyush P Poduval